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I have seen Dr. Patel for myself and my children several times. She is a skilled professional who is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and gentle. My whole family actually likes going to the dentist because of her. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jennifer M.

Excellent! Dr. Patel is very thorough and an expert in her field. She helped me tremendously with my very sensitive teeth. She was also very flexible in giving me an appointment to suite my schedule. Dr. Patel explained to me various treatment options for my very sensitive teeth, and helped me pick the best option. She also gave me a lot of info for long term care.

Mukesh R.

Dr. Patel is an exceptional physician who has provided me some of the best dental care I have received in the Bay Area! She was extremely flexible with my difficult schedule and took the time to remove my wire before my cleaning. She spent almost one hour cleaning my teeth and filing down older fillings. She was extremely patient, thoughtful, and educated me on the proper care of my teeth. As a doctor, I was extremely impressed with her professional and personal approach. I’m hooked on this doc and plan on returning in the future!

Poonam P.

I have visited Dr. Patel a couple times – for regular dental cleaning and for getting a custom night guard. Dr. Patel was patient and friendly during these visits. Her staff and she are flexible about appointment times. They were okay with me cancelling an appointment at the last minutes because of some other engagement on my part. Dr. Patel has given me a better picture of my teeth compared to other dentists. She pays attention and really personalizes her advice. Her office is simple and her staff competent and caring. Highly recommended.

Yogi S.

What a lovely experience. My son had his first dentist appointment with Dr. Patel, and she was gentle, comforting, and made it a wonderful experience. My own visit was comfortable and went quickly and without incident.

She is very pleasant to speak with and I look forward to having her as our family dentist for years to come. Thank you!!

Tim S.

My mother had a dental emergency at 4:30pm. I called several doctors who were not available until I got a hold of Minal. She accepted us on a zero notice and performed the treatment flawlessly. Since it was an emergency, I had to take my children with me. She had a special play room for them. They thought, they were on a play date. Several weeks later she gave me a call to follow up and ask how my mother was feeling. Minal took a great of all of us and we'll be back soon. Thanks Minal.

Anat S.

I am glad to find Minal as my dentist. I went to her for cleaning/exam first and she did a great job. Next time, I went to her for filling. She was able to accomodate me the same day and I am glad that she is flexible about it. One of my tooth had a major cavity and she did not use Anesthesia until is was really required, I think its a good thing.

She is very up to date on the subject and always explains before hand to the patients about what she will be doing. She is very caring doctor.

Her office space is really neat and equipped with required tools. They are quick and very methodical in handling insurance claims. No complains at all there.

Lastly, Minal is very prompt in follow ups after the session.
I would definitely recommend Minal dental for any Dental work.

Kate S.

My entire family sees Dr. Patel and we love her! She is friendly, calm, gentle, and cares about the whole patient in terms of health. She's excellent with children and adults - including dental-phobic adults. My daughter needed two teeth extracted and really needed laughing gas to handle it. Dr. Patel doesn't offer the gas, so she referred my daughter to another dentist - Woodside Pediatric Dentistry. It was an excellent referral that put the patient over profit. Both dentists followed up with my daughter and Dr. Patel continues to care for my daughter. I like knowing that Dr. Patel is interested, first and foremost, in her patient's comfort and care. She's by far the best dentist I've ever had. Now, if I could only find an equally good family medicine doctor....

Karla C.

I go to Dr. Patel four times a year for cleaning and an annual check up & X-Ray. Dr. Patel is very thorough and does an excellent job. She is very friendly and accommodating, the follow up on appointments and billing/insurance is always handled very efficiently. I highly recommend her practice.

Michael M.

I finally had a chance to go to the dentist after a year and a half hiatus (I'm sure the only reason I got this chance was due to Dr. Patel's flexible schedule - she will actually come into the office on weekends for her patients - most of my previous dentists generally worked Mon-Thurs which made it impossible to set something up with my work schedule).

I set an appointment @ 10AM on a Sunday - arrived 15 minutes late but luckily had no wait and went straight into the dental chair. Dr. Patel asked about my dental history, if I had any additional concerns and then went over the plan for the checkup. She did the x-rays with non-painful sensors and thoroughly cleaned my teeth. I was out of there within an hour with my toothbrush/toothpaste/floss goodie bag.

Dr. Patel is an excellent dentist - she's professional (with a very friendly demeanor), knowledgeable (but explains everything in a very understandable way), patient (but extremely efficient). See you in 6 months Dr. P!

Anuya K.

Dr. Patel worked with both of my prior dentists to understand my history before my visit. We had a very enjoyable chat on a wide range of subjects including my medical and dental history to get acquainted. She administered a thorough set of x-ray images with the electronic sensor, then cleaned my teeth with ultrasonic and hand de-scalers. Her technique is excellent; I didn't feel a thing, and it was the most thorough cleaning ever. She takes the time to listen and give feedback; a rare thing these days.

Michael N.

Dr. Patel is a wonderful dentist. She is very friendly and great with kids. My kids loved her. I will definitely recommend her to everyone I know.

Sandra M.

I have been to see Dr Patel twice - once for a regular cleaning and the second time for a filling. She is very friendly and does a great job of explaining whatever she is doing to her patients. I also found her staff to be very helpful. I had to reschedule on my appointments last minute, and they were very nice about it. Based on my experience there, I would highly recommend Dr Patel.

Parul G.

I am so happy to find Dr.Minal Patel, booked an appointment for dental cleaning, was worried about my bleeding. She is patient, and explained me in detail about bacteria formation and how to avoid and take care of your gums. Cleaning went very smooth, she made sure its done perfectly. She is knowledgeable and good in communication as well . I would recommend her definitely, try once you wont regret it. Gum bleeding stopped in 2 days after my dental cleaning.

Kavitha V.

I have been to Dr Patel twice and she's amazing! I love her professionalism, her friendly approach. She explains everything before she does it and why- which is a big plus in my book considering that I am also in healthcare (I am a PA). She takes her time and genuinely cares about her patient's dental health. Its easy to get appointments and you can take the whole family. I took my toddler to see her and he was put at ease and he is definitely NOT comfortable seeing people in white coats! Will be back for sure!

Bharti D.

I saw Dr. Patel for a cleaning and I was so impressed by how friendly and gentle she was. I didn't expect to get my cleaning to be performed by the dentist, usually I see a hygienist, so it was a great surprise. Rather than sit around after the cleaning to have the dentist do a five minute check, I got to have everything performed at one time. She gave me some helpful tips while she cleaned my teeth and made me feel like I was well taken care of. I have already recommended her to several of my family and friends. If you are looking for a dentist who is knowledgeable and approachable, Dr. Patel would be a great choice!

Danielle D.

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